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Case Study

QES completed the installation of 220kw 48v DC Power System and 60KVA UPS/Inverter System


QES is well recognised for its deep expertise in providing solutions and services to the Telecommunications Industry  and was requested to provide reliable and secure power solutions as part of an upgrade of existing legacy critical DC and AC Power Systems within a major telecommunications operators network 

The Team supplied a one-stop engineering solution with a design, installation and seamless cutover of the new systems in a safe process delivering quality where the network operations are not impacted throughout the duration of the project.   


Project Overview

DC Power System : Eltex 220KW
Inverter System : CET 60KVA


Provide engineering solution to upgrade existing legacy DC Power and AC Critical Power Systems.


Critical network operations are 24/7 with zero downtime with all works carried out under strict controls and procedures.


  • Despite the complexity of the project the transfer of the new systems was successfully delivered to a high quality with zero downtime to existing telecom services
  • Greater Resilience, Reliability.