Secure DC and AC Power Systems

Recognised at the forefront of critical power protection technology our products alongwith
our deep knowledge and experience offer reliable ,efficient ,scaleable and flexible DC
Power Systems ,UPS, Inverters for a wide range of applications

Battery Systems

QES offers a wide range of high performance batteries and Battery Energy Storage
Solutions(BESS) for the Telecom /Data Centre,UPS and Renewable Energy Sectors with
batteries from leading world suppliers delivering dependable backup power for critical

Energy Systems

QES offers a range energy-saving products from monitoring and control and high
efficiency rated equipment including Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Systems
(BESS) for demand response ,peak shaving and energy arbitrage

  • Sustainable Energy Systems – On-Grid -Off-Grid Photovoltaics
  • Battery Energy Storage Solutions(BESS)
  • Telecom DC Hybrid Systems
  • Management and Control Systems – BMS,BAS,EMS


EV Charging Solutions can be applied in a wide range of residential, commercial,
workplace, public, and fleet charging sites. Whether it’s for employees to charge
throughout the day or for highway service stations where drivers expect to stay for
only a cup of coffee, there is suitable EV charging infrastructure to choose from.
Choose Delta EV Charging Solutions because they cover more than just charging.

Convert your charge point into a solar-powered system with better efficiency than
grid-powered systems. Improve your charging service, optimize your energy cost,
and tackle power peak with an on-site energy storage system. This is especially
beneficial for EV charging points in rural areas.

Monitoring and Control


Telecommunications Infrastructure Monitoring and Management System

Effective reliable and efficient monitoring and management of telecom facilities infrastructure is an absolute requirement and the accessing of mission critical alarm faults to enable efficient and rapid response a key factor in resolving issues is essential. Current monitoring systems such as BMS are complicated with others dated and not suitable in most cases for the telecommunications environment.
QES’s T.I.M.M.S provides a cutting edge and flexible solution capable of serving operational needs, delivering value in a less complex way, providing fault monitoring, management and remote control of your sites in a single solution which is easy to implement.


DC Power Distribution Units

Designed for -48VDC power distributions
for Telecommunication applications
with dual feed A&B per shelf.


Custom Power Solutions

In addition to extensive line of secure DC and AC power products we provide a range of custom
power solutions ,complex system upgrades ,retrofits and systems integration to overcome any
operating challenges