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Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control


Telecommunications Infrastructure Monitoring and Management System

Effective reliable and efficient monitoring and management of telecom facilities infrastructure is an absolute requirement and the accessing of mission critical alarm faults to enable efficient and rapid response a key factor in resolving issues is essential. Current monitoring systems such as BMS are complicated with others dated and not suitable in most cases for the telecommunications environment.
QES’s T.I.M.M.S provides a cutting edge and flexible solution capable of serving operational needs, delivering value in a less complex way, providing fault monitoring, management and remote control of your sites in a single solution which is easy to implement.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Manage all alarms: Environment-HVAC ; Power Systems ;Generators ;Security for one or multiple sites

  • Easy Access dual communications platforms GSM and Ethernet

  • Easily configurable and implemented in the field.

  • Direct alarms to relevant service personnel SMS ,Email

  • Visualise Alarms, Map View, Site List.

  • Integrated Google Maps provide exact GPS location to service personnel

  • Generate reports, Energy Use Measurement and KPI targets

  • Remote Access of IP Critical Power Equipment: DC Power Systems; UPS ;Generators.

  • Energy Monitoring – Remote Data Analysis